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Emne Emne: Ban on EVERFX: Stop Frauds Fomented by FC BesvarOpret nyt emne
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Medlem siden: 05/Maj/2021
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Sendt: 08/Juni/2021 kl. 08:09 | IP-adresse registreret Citér upamfva

​Ban on EVERFX: Stop Frauds Fomented by FCA License

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a ban on
transactions with contracts for differences (CFD)
provided by ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd (that takes
EVERFX as its forex trading brand name) in the U.K.
recently. The corporation has used misleading methods of
finance and promotion to cause clients great losses.To
get more news about
WikiFX, you can
visit wikifx.com official website.
  Registering with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange
Commission (CySEC), the enterprise has two websites,
i.e., www.EVERFX.com and www.eu.EVERFX.com. It also
boasts two overseas branches unregulated by FCA but
operating in the name of EVERFX.
  Numerous complaints against EVERFX have flooded to
FCA since 2020. According to them, EVERFX took its FCA
license as a gimmick but transferred its clients to its
overseas companies for forex trading. At the same time,
it required its users to invest more for withdrawals even
abetted them in borrowing money to invest by deceiving
them that transactions with CFDs were totally safe.
  At present, FCA bans ICC Intercertus Ltd from
operating any regulated businesses in Britain, ordering
it to close all its positions and return clients capital.
  According to WikiFX, the broker has been operating
beyond the coverage of its financial permit registered
with the Companies Registry of the Cayman Islands and is
highly risky because it is regulated by the Cayman
Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), an offshore financial
services regulator of the Cayman Islands.
  As a reminder, the case of EVERFX is not alone. The
forex market seems to be lucrative but is full of hidden
dangers! All information for regulation relating to
global forex brokers can be found on WikiFX to ease your
anxiety! (bit.ly/wikifxIN)
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