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Medlem siden: 05/Maj/2021
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Sendt: 08/Juni/2021 kl. 06:18 | IP-adresse registreret Citér upamfva

US courts say Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak can’t blame
YouTube for Bitcoin scams

Steve Wozniak now has 30 days to revise his lawsuits
against YouTube over being “unresponsive” in deleting
fraudulent videos.To get more news about
WikiFX, you can
visit wikifx.com official website.
  A California state judge has ruled that Steve
Wozniak, a co-founder of tech giant Apple, cant sue
YouTube over Bitcoin scam videos that used his image,
Bloomberg reported today.
  In his lawsuit, filed last July, Wozniak stated that
some unknown malicious actors had used photographs and
videos of him in an attempt to steal Bitcoin from YouTube
users. The scam itself was a “tried and true” fraud
that asked users to send some crypto to receive twice as
much back.
  “But when users transfer their cryptocurrency, in an
irreversible transaction, they receive nothing back,”
Wozniak said in his lawsuit at the time.
  Section 230 wins again
  He also argued that Section 230 of the Communications
Decency Act, which shields Internet platforms from any
responsibility for the content posted by their users,
should be applied in this case.
  This is because not only YouTube was “unresponsive”
to Wozniaks requests to take down the fraudulent videos,
but also “materially contributed” to scammers by
placing target ads and verifying the bogus channels.
  Notably, the videos also used names and images of
other well-known personalities such as Microsoft co-
founder Bill Gates and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, per the
  However, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Sunil R. Kulkarni said that Wozniak‘s arguments weren’t
enough to bypass Section 230. Thus, the judge ordered
that YouTube retains its immunity from the lawsuit.
Still, Wozniak was given 30 additional days to revise his
  Impersonation scams galore
  Images of famous “big tech” people are often used
by scammers to defraud their unsuspecting victims. In
mid-March, for example, an “Elon Musk” Bitcoin giveaway
scam on Twitter resulted in one user losing 10 Bitcoin,
worth more than $550,000 at the time.
  Meanwhile, 2021 is already shaping up to become a
record-breaking year for crypto giveaway scams.
  “We dont have any data to explain it, but it could
be related to the wider Bitcoin market. When the Bitcoin
price goes up, people go crazy and a lot of them are new
to the market and they want this idea of quick money,”
Frank van Weert, the founder of Whale Alert, explained to
the BBC earlier this year.
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